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Rizom Tatil Köyü | Lezzetler

Enjoy the flavors in nature

Enjoy this feast during your holiday in the restaurants where the most special dishes are served with the unique tastes of Turkish cuisine.

Main Restaurant

The main restaurant, which has an open and closed area consisting of a rich open buffet, offers a diet buffet for the guests who care about their health, and a night buffet for those who want to have a late snack.

Yoruk Tent Snack

Yörük Tent offers service all day long to drink cold drinks, have snacks or enjoy five o'clock tea.

Nargile Kafe

Marmara deniz manzarası eşiliğinde kahve keyfi yapmak için nargile kafe gün boyu hizmet sunuyor.

Pool Snack

It offers service to enjoy cold drinks, snacks and tea during the day throughout the day without interrupting your swimming in the pool.

Eşsiz Lezzetler